Framework for the section “Tom’s points of view”

This section contains my points of view regarding key issues and question regarding long term value growth and preservation.  The following is an overall framework, into which my point-of-view fit.  The framework will be gradually populated over time, as well as revised.

  • The core objective is long term business value growth and preservation. I do not examine governments, non-profits or charities.
  • What is value varies, depending upon the type of company and its ownership (e.g. founder owned start-up vs private equity owned medium business vs large public company).
  • Why do companies fail?
  • Customers drive value creation – if customers do not perceive that products and services are unique or different, the business suffers.
  • What is governance and how does it drive value growth and enable value preservation?
  • What are major decisions and actions which enable value growth e.g. transformation, acquisition, etc?
  • What are some specific principles underlying value growth e.g. understanding the difference between strategy and tactics?

Each point of view is a single PDF slide, which you can download.