Update to my points-of-view framework

This section contains my points-of-view about key issues and questions regarding long-term value growth and preservation in a for-profit business.  I do not address not-for-profits, government, or other non-profit oriented organizations.

Each point-of-view is a brief article (supported by a one-page slide available for download) designed to enable discussion among owners/shareholders, board of directors, advisory boards, and C-Suite.  I have no magic “one size fits all” solution.

The following is an overall framework, into which my points-of-view fit. Points-of-view will be added and revised over time.   Recognize my thinking evolves over time, thus all the points-of-view may not seamlessly fit together.

The points-of-view flow from beginning to end, based on 7 themes:

  • Avoiding business failure.
  • Strategy and strategic planning.
  • Understanding customers.
  • Corporate governance – who make the decisions?
  • Transformation – what is it, do you need to do it, it and how to do you do it?
  • Creating business value e.g. Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Buying or selling your company, or raising capital.

As I create new points-of-view or revise old ones, I am:

  • Including fact-based research and stating the sources for the facts.
  • Adding a section “What do you do if you are a Small Medium Enterprise”.
  • Defining some of the terms I use. Definitions are critical. Feel free to use your own definitions.
  • Adding a section suggesting your next steps.
  • Including references to publications for further reading.

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