Society’s trust in corporate leadership and political leadership is low.

  • Only 15% of Americans aged 18-29 believe “things in the nation are headed in the right direction”.
  • Only 1 country of 38 countries surveyed had a majority of people believing that representative democracy was the only way to govern a country. Only 44% of Canadians had this belief.  Sweden (at 52%) was the only country with a majority belief in democracy.
  • 80% of Canadian believe that “The elites who run our institutions are out of touch with regular people”.
  • 26% of Canadian believe a board of directors, 25% of Canadian believe a CEO.

You may click to download a one page PDF with more facts Low trust in leadership

You may contact me to obtain more detailed reports and more insight into the facts.

This document supports the discussion of  Why are values, morals, and ethics important?


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