Our 2019 Lupus Ontario Geoff Carr Fellowship fundraiser was a success.

Thank you for helping to make our 2019 Lupus Ontario Geoff Carr Fellowship fundraiser a success.  74 family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues donated $8,432 – more than $234,000 in 14 years!

Dr. Anita Dhanrajan, at the Hospital for Sick Children, is the 2018/2019 Geoff Carr Fellow.  The following are her words regarding the value and impact of the Fellowship:

 The Geoff Carr Lupus Fellowship gave me a wonderful opportunity to pursue my passion and interest in Lupus research. It has enabled me to work under the best lupus clinicians in North America such as Dr. Earl Silverman, Dr. Deborah Levy and do very valuable research under Dr. Linda Hiraki. I have felt like a part of the Lupus Ontario family in the last 6 months and hope that I continue to receive the love and support for the rest of the duration of my fellowship. I aspire to make a difference to the lives of people living with lupus through my work and research and am very thankful to Lupus Ontario for providing me the support to do this. I hope that some day we can fulfil the dream of having specialized pediatric dedicated Lupus clinics not just all through Ontario but all over Canada.

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