Avoiding business failure.

This section focuses on why companies fail.  Often success depends upon avoiding failure.

Your company will fail.

Overview Your company will fail. Few major companies survive. Few major companies have sustained value creation. Many company directors do not understand: the strategy, how value is created, and industry dynamics. Most HR and IT organizations are not aligned with the strategy. Most employees are not working to achieve the strategy. Major business changes almost … Continue reading Your company will fail.

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Why will your company fail?

Overview Most start-ups will fail. Leadership is the underlying cause of start-up failure. Most companies will not survive. The board of directors is weak. Corporate leadership decisions and actions are not fact-based. Corporate leadership has poor decision-making behaviours. Values, morals and ethics are not understood or agreed up. The corporate leader selection and development processes … Continue reading Why will your company fail?

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If you are in survival mode, should you still consider the long-term?

Few companies survive. Avoiding survival mode and getting out of survival mode requires the talent which can develop and execute a competitively differentiated business plan.  The foundation for survival is competitively differentiated talent on the board and in the C-Suite. The core reason few companies survive is because there is a shortage of talent.  Overview … Continue reading If you are in survival mode, should you still consider the long-term?

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