What are your values and morals? Survey Tool

The following is a survey tool designed to gain individual perspectives regarding values and morals.  This tool can be adapted to a specific company situation.  The tool must be used by a trusted third party in order to maximize the chances of getting valid and confidential input.

The tool can be used anywhere in the company, from front line staff to the board of directors, or controlling shareholders.

I have suggested two decision-making values (making more money and career progression) because I’ve perceived these as very important to some people.

Identify the values and morals based on your complete life i.e. 24 hours a day.  Note any differences between your complete life vs your work life.  The last two columns are solely regarding your work life.  In terms of importance, its fine if more than one value has the same importance (e.g. three values are #1)

The survey collects the following information

  • What are the company’s documented values and morals, if any?
  • Which values and morals are used by your leaders and colleagues?
  • Which values do you believe are moral?
  • What are the most important values you use throughout the year to make decisions and guide your actions? Personal financial success and career progression may be some of these.
  • What are the differences between your values vs what you perceive to be the values of your colleagues and leadership?


Value and related decision making, actions, behaviours Is this value, decision making, action or behavior a “moral” characteristic? Which values are most important to you? (#1, #2) Which do you perceive as most important to your work colleagues? Which do you perceive as most important to your management?
Making more money
Career progression