Business transformation

These concepts apply to all companies, ranging from startups to long-established global enterprises.

Do you need to transform you company? V2

The purpose of this article, Enable board of directors, C-Suite, and founders to understand whether there is a need to transform the company. You may download a PDF of this article from: Successful companies rarely have to transform Customer needs, the competition, technology, the economic and political climate are constantly evolving and changing.  Successful companies … Continue reading Do you need to transform you company? V2

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How do you succeed with transformation?

Overview What are the facts regarding your current situation? What is driving the need for transformation? What is the scope of transformation? Corporate leadership must always be transforming itself. What are the success principles for transformation?   This article (supported by a one-page slide) is intended to enable discussion and action planning among owners/shareholders, boards … Continue reading How do you succeed with transformation?

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