Why is trust critical for transformation success?

Transformation will fail without trust in the change leadership.  Why is that?

Successful transformation demands that people trust and believe what they are hearing regarding:

  • Why the current situation is not viable in the long-term.
  • Why transformation is needed.
  • What the future looks like and the path to the future.
  • “What in it for them”.

People will naturally have emotional resistance to the major changes they will undergo.  Changes to their day-today work, their environment, their perception of personal identity.

Without trust, people won’t believe what they are told and their emotional resistance creates a dysfunctional organization focused on fighting (overtly or covertly) the transformation.

Going from a slowly-changing business to transformation makes visible:

  • All the issues with lack of trust in management; and
  • Management’s inability to deal with all the emotional factors of trust and resistance to change.

As a result, the benefits of transformation are not achieved.

To enable discussion with your board and management, download the following 1 page pdf.

Why is trust critical for transformation?