How do you find governance information?

You are in Ontario, Canada and looking for information about governance.  Where do you go?  The attached document provides a partial list of (mostly) non-profit governance organizations.  I exclude most for-profit organizations such as lawyers, accountants, etc.

The type of governance I focus on is the board of directors of a corporation and its relationship with its ecosystem (e.g. shareholders and members; the CEO; etc.).

This document does not recommend any individual governance advisors or consultants.  There are countless numbers of those.

My focus is Ontario.  I do consider Canadian and International organizations whose governance information and resources may be accessible and helpful to Ontario.

The Governance Resource Directory is a 37 page document.

Please contact me with any corrections, updates, or additions you’d like in the document.  This is a volunteer activity, so it may take some time before I can reflect your input.

Governance Resource Directory