Do you need a Strategic Advisor?

Tom is a Strategic Advisor.

What is unique about Tom?

  1. He’s met and worked with numerous company leaders, ranging from pre-revenue founders to the C-suite of an 800,000 person organization; in many countries; in many industries; public, private, and government; from succeeding well to the verge of collapse.
  2. Turned around major organization-wide changes that were failing, often when previous attempts using historical approaches, or the approach of traditional industry and functional experts failed.
  3. Changed the behaviour of large groups of people.
  4. Focused on what he believed leaders needed to know, which sometime was different from what they wanted to know.
  5. Helped leaders understand how and what they needed to personally change in order for their organization to succeed.


What are the benefits of working with Tom?

  1. The leaders gain new experience, knowledge, and capabilities while unlearning old ones.
  2. The major financial or non-financial opportunities or risks are resolved.

How do you recognize that you can benefit from Tom?

1) You have a critical decision or problem that significantly impacts your company’s long-term value growth. You may be unclear as to the underlying problem, and what the solution could be.

2) You are accountable for the results and require deep understanding, because you are the one who must present and explain your proposed actions.

3)  You will personally devote significant time to your issue.

4)  The decisions or issues may be new to you and your company or you have unsuccessfully addressed these decisions or issues in the past.

5)  You recognize that your past experience, skills, and ways of thinking and making decisions may be of less value in today’s turbulent and rapidly changing world. You are willing to learn and try new things.

6)  You need someone to help you and your team think through what to do.

7)  Your traditional experts have not been able to help you make your decision or solve your problem.

8)  You may need help selecting traditional experts and in co-ordinating their actions. Tom is not a replacement for the skills and knowledge of traditional experts.

How do you work with Tom?

1)  You may have an hourly meeting once a week.  Sometimes meetings are every 2-4 weeks or for 2 hours.

2)  The agenda is jointly set.

3)  On occasion Tom may review material you prepared, prior to a meeting.

4)   You work with Tom on a retainer basis.

Tom has two purposes for his professional life:

1) Helping business leaders have a positive impact on society.

2) Helping business leaders (current and emerging) succeed.

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