Do you need a Strategic Advisor?

What is the value of a strategic advisor?

  • Ensuring that the board of directors, CEO, and C-Suite are asking the right questions.
  • Helping the board of directors, CEO, and C-Suite to think differently.
  • Coaching leaders on how to fix their critical company wide issues.

You need a Strategic Advisor if:

  • You recognize that you past experience, skills, and ways of thinking and making decisions my be of less value in today’s turbulent and rapidly changing world.
  • You have a critical decision or problem that significantly impacts your company’s long-term value growth or value preservation. You may be unclear as to the core problem, which questions to ask, and what the solution could be.
  • You are a leader (CEO, owner, board director, etc.).
  • You are accountable for the results and require deep understanding, because you are the one who must present and explain your proposed actions.
  • You will personally devote significant time to your issue.
  • The decision or issue is new to you and your company or you have unsuccessfully addressed this in the past.
  • You need someone to help you and your team think through what to do. You will meet with your advisor frequently, sometimes daily.
  • You are willing to learn and try new things.
  • You have either hired or met with traditional consultants, who have not been able to help you make your decision or solve your problem.
  • You may need help selecting traditional consultants and in co-ordinating their actions.

You need a traditional consultant if:

  • You are clear on what the problem is.
  • You can delegate to others the preparation of recommendations for your review.
  • You need an industry expert to tell you what others in the industry are doing or have been doing.
  • You need a functional expert due to gaps with internal functional knowledge e.g. cybersecurity.
  • You need someone who has done the same thing many times before e.g. install financial systems.
  • You need outside people to help with large amounts of data collection and analysis.
  • You will personally devote limited time to the issue.
  • You believe that you personally do not need to transform yourself.

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