Chair, Advisory Board

I was appointed Chair of the Business Advisory Board at a financial services firm in June 2018.

An internal announcement has been made to management.

I will update this blog in August with both the name of the company and further information on the company.

I have added two published articles to my LinkedIn profile

I have added two published articles to my LinkedIn profile (

“Why most businesses fail and how to buck the trend”, published in the Spring 2018 issue of Consult Magazine, put out by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants

“Managing the people aspects of supervisory change” published by The Toronto Centre in December 2016

The Toronto Centre trains more than 1,000 government financial services regulators around the world each year. “Managing the people aspects of supervisory changes” is designed to help regulators understand how to use change management techniques.

Update to my points-of-view framework

This section contains my points-of-view about key issues and questions regarding long-term value growth and preservation in a for-profit business.  I do not address not-for-profits, government, or other non-profit oriented organizations.

Each point-of-view is a brief article (supported by a one-page slide available for download) designed to enable discussion among owners/shareholders, board of directors, advisory boards, and C-Suite.  I have no magic “one size fits all” solution.

The following is an overall framework, into which my points-of-view fit. Points-of-view will be added and revised over time.   Recognize my thinking evolves over time, thus all the points-of-view may not seamlessly fit together.

The points-of-view flow from beginning to end, based on 7 themes:

  • Avoiding business failure.
  • Strategy and strategic planning.
  • Understanding customers.
  • Corporate governance – who make the decisions?
  • Transformation – what is it, do you need to do it, it and how to do you do it?
  • Creating business value e.g. Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Buying or selling your company, or raising capital.

As I create new points-of-view or revise old ones, I am:

  • Including fact-based research and stating the sources for the facts.
  • Adding a section “What do you do if you are a Small Medium Enterprise”.
  • Defining some of the terms I use. Definitions are critical. Feel free to use your own definitions.
  • Adding a section suggesting your next steps.
  • Including references to publications for further reading.