What can you do to reduce COVID-19 deaths?

As a business leader, you can advise and encourage medical and political leaders to communicate in a way that will result in a massive change in human behavior i.e. the wearing of masks and social distancing.

You know that the way to change the behaviour of employees is to help them understand why each of them must personally change.  Merely telling them to change does not work if they must make a major change in behaviour if results in major personal costs to them

You can help political and medical leaders change their communications in three ways:

#1 Telling people the value to them of making a massive change. E.g. “not wearing a mask may result in your death or your going to hospital.  It may result in the deaths of your family members, friends, neighbours, and colleagues.”

Remember when the anti-smoking ads would show people dying of lung cancer in hospital.

#2 Demonstrate empathy and understanding the pain and cost the leaders are asking the public to undergo e.g. “I understand how difficult this may be for many of you.  You may lose your business or job.  You may have to go to a foodbank.  You may lose your home and have to move in with others”.  It would be very powerful to have someone who has undergone major pain to say a few words about why they thought it was worth it for them.

#3 Use simple words in presentations that everyone can understand.  Often the leaders use words that are hard to understand, especially for those with limited education or new to the country.

I can understand why many people are resisting massive personal change.  I often observe political and medical leaders on TV, all of whom make significant income, dictating to the public, using hard to understand words, while showing no empathy.

I hope that you can help the political and medical leaders change so that there are fewer deaths, hospitalization, and economic devastation.

Stay safe. Stay well.


You may download a PDF of this article from: https://koorandassociates.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/what-can-you-do-to-reduce-covid-19-deaths.pdf

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